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Real-Time Clock

RTC Board Assembling notes The RTC plugs into the 14-pin LTC header on the DE10-Nano and does not require an I/O board. An RTC board having a metal battery holder is the safest and easiest to fit if you’re using…

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SDRAM Upgrades

SDRAM Daughter Boards Things you should consider before buying an SDRAM upgrade prematurely: While MiSTer started out supporting smaller vintage clones that had a small amount of native RAM, bigger and more complex computers and game systems are now being…

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Console connection

The DE10-nano board has a console port. The console allows you to login into Linux without a network connection and also provides some debug/info which is sometimes useful to track any problems. Refer to the UART-to-USB (USB mini type B)…

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WiFi Setup

Enable WiFi connection locate the file linux/_wpa_supplicant.conf open in text editor supporting Linux/Unix line endings (for example Notepad++) replace put_your_SSID_here with your actual WiFi network name and put_your_password_here with your WiFi password. rename _wpa_supplicant.conf to wpa_supplicant.conf reboot the MiSTer In…

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DE10-Nano FPGA

Currently, this very popular FPGA board is required as the base unit for the MiSTer system. Numerous daughter boards can be added to run most of the available MiSTer cores.  Is the DE10-Nano the only FPGA device that will run…

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RetroShop pt AIO Board

AIO Full Expansion 167Mhz SDRAM Onboard with Fan Product Details The MiSTer AIO daughterboard is THE complete expansion for the DE10-Nano FPGA.  It adds the following features to the MiSTer Platform: 32MB FULL SPEED 167Mhz SDRAM VGA Connector 3.5mm Audio…

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RetroShop pt IO5.5 Board

Original Vanilla Combo Blue IO Board Revision 5.5 with XS SDRAM The MiSTer IO Board expansion. It adds the following features to the MiSTer Platform: Includes separate XS SDRAM daughter board (see the small red board in the pictures) VGA…

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MiSTer Boot Menu

This MiSTer main menu is also a core that you place in the root directory of the MiSTer SD card. All available system cores will appear in this menu where you can launch them.

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You can access the MiSTer through the Samba network. This is a native protocol for Windows shares. MiSTer already has FTP and SSH services, but Samba has a special feature – Windows treats Samba shares as a local filesystem. For…

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Network Access

The DE10-Nano MiSTer system can be accessed through the on-board Ethernet port. The MiSTer system has FTP, SSH, SFTP services running. User name: rootPassword: 1 By default, DHCP is used to acquire IP address for the board. You can find…