New Compact MiSTer Cases

Dust and smoke can eventually destroy the fan and other components in your valued MiSTer system.  With the MiSTer system changing almost weekly, it’s not necessarily a good time to buy an expensive metal case.  Metal implies “MiSTer is final” which it’s not by any means.  Do yourself a favor, save lots of $$ and buy a nice plastic case that serves the same purpose.  After all,

Protect your system and save money with a low-cost compact plastic case.

These are available in all sorts of color configurations and you can mix and match the top, bottom, and panels to suit your style. The best-looking combos seems to be the translucent snow top with colored bottom like deep purple, merlot, red, black, or even green.  All of the DE10-Nano and I/O board lights are visible, especially at night.  Wow!

Please note that to use this awesome compact case you’ll need one of the compact SDRAM modules like what RetroShop sells.

Author: Admin