Controllers and Joysticks

If you’re wondering what kinds of joysticks and controllers can be used with the MiSTer, we hope to compile a confirmed list to save you from a headache.  In the meantime, a user from the Atari forums has claimed that the following devices have been tested with the MiSTer successfully.

USB Adapters

Basically, the idea is to use some kind of USB-based joystick or controller that can plug directly into the MiSTer or into a USB OTG hub (preferred method).  If the joystick or controller doesn’t have a USB cable, you’ll need an adapter that converts it into USB.
  • 2600-Daptor II
  • AliExpress USB OTG two-player controller adapter (there are 3 types, Genesis, NES, and SNES)
  • Colecovisio-Daptor (only tested joystick handling, not the number pad)
  • Hyperkin PS1/PS2 adapter
  • MayFlash Gamecube USB adapter
  • MayFlash Universal USB adapter for PS1/PS2/PS3/Xbox
  • Neogeo-Daptor
  • Retrode (only SNES/Genesis adapter part works, not carts)
  • Retro Freak controller adapter (this is a nice one because it supports NES,SNES, Genesis, and PC Engine)

Wireless Dongles

These usually support a variety of wireless gamepads

  • 8BitDo NES Retro Receiver
  • 8BitDo SNES Retro Receiver


Wired, or wireless with dedicated dongle

  • 8BitDo SFC30 gamepad
  • Retro Freak controller
  • iBuffalo SNES
  • iBuffalo Famicom (BGCFC801)
  • Logitech F710
  • Retrolink NES2 (dogbone)
  • Any standard PlayStation 2 controller

Arcade Sticks

Burn to Fight(tm)

  • Hori RAP Pro VLX Hayabusa
  • Mayflash F300 Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox360 / PS3 / PC

PCBs / Encoders

For DYI people

  • AliExpress USB encoder board


If your joystick doesn’t work or is missing directions (e.g. up works but not left):

  1. Connect MiSTer to the UART serial console (e.g. via Putty)
  2. Open the menu core

When any USB device is connected and you move directions, you should see messages like these:

Input event: type=EV_ABS, Axis=1, Offset:=255
Input event: type=EV_ABS, Axis=1, Offset:=127
Input event: type=EV_ABS, Axis=1, Offset:=0
Input event: type=EV_ABS, Axis=1, Offset:=127


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