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Internet and Linux Console From Cores

Starting from 2018 may 7 release MiSTer supports serial (UART) connection from FPGA to Linux. Linux OS runs PPP or Console daemon on this connection allowing access the internet or Linux shell from FPGA cores. Some cores supporting serial connection…

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Controllers and Joysticks

If you’re wondering what kinds of joysticks and controllers can be used with the MiSTer, we hope to compile a confirmed list to save you from a headache.  In the meantime, a user from the Atari forums has claimed that…

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OTG USB Adapters

The DE10-Nano MiSTer has a single OTG USB port.  You’ll probably want to split the OTG port so you can use a keyboard, mouse or game controller, and maybe a WIFI dongle or USB drive.  If you’re just wanting to…

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Console connection

The DE10-nano board has a console port. The console allows you to login into Linux without a network connection and also provides some debug/info which is sometimes useful to track any problems. Refer to the UART-to-USB (USB mini type B)…

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WiFi Setup

Enable WiFi connection locate the file linux/_wpa_supplicant.conf open in text editor supporting Linux/Unix line endings (for example Notepad++) replace put_your_SSID_here with your actual WiFi network name and put_your_password_here with your WiFi password. rename _wpa_supplicant.conf to wpa_supplicant.conf reboot the MiSTer In…

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You can access the MiSTer through the Samba network. This is a native protocol for Windows shares. MiSTer already has FTP and SSH services, but Samba has a special feature – Windows treats Samba shares as a local filesystem. For…

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Network Access

The DE10-Nano MiSTer system can be accessed through the on-board Ethernet port. The MiSTer system has FTP, SSH, SFTP services running. User name: rootPassword: 1 By default, DHCP is used to acquire IP address for the board. You can find…

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Input Devices

MiSTer supports many different USB input devices such as keyboards, joysticks, gamepads, and mice. A keyboard can emulate other input devices (so basically it is enough to control all cores). A wireless combo keyboard (keyboard with touchpad) and wireless game…

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How To Set Up The MiSTer

This is an essential guide for your first time setup of the MiSTer system. It will guide you through the SD-card installation, help you update the MiSTer system files and show you how to run a game on an example…

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MiSTer Tips

Default Floppy Disk or Hard Drive Image When launching into a core that uses virtual disks, you might desire to have a system disk or other favorite disk pre-mounted, especially if the OS requires a certain disk to be present…