The MiSTer system is basically a hardware clone of each of the computers or arcade games it supports.  In other words, the original Pac-Man arcade game from the 80s is actually running on a chip as hardware logic.  The Amiga PC is running on a chip as hardware.  With the Cyclone V of the DE10-Nano, an entire vintage computer and it’s respective OS runs on the chip itself, and you can switch between many systems with a few keystrokes.  Finally you can own all of the arcade games and vintage computers you wanted and loved from your youth, but that’s not the limit.  Any type of core system can run under the MiSTer framework.  Please take the time to set up your MiSTer system properly and it will be the most rewarding thing you’ve done in a while.  You’re going to be in retro heaven.

The hardest part, yet quite easy, is Setting up the MiSTer system.


You need a DE10-Nano FPGA board
You need an I/O board and/or an SDRAM daughter board
Now add system CORES to your MiSTer SD card so the boot menu will see them and launch into your favorite systems! Arcade games Personal computers Console systems
And of course to make your MiSTer system look professional, put it in a case!