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Commodore 64

  By November of 1981, the chips were completed but Commodore’s president Jack Tramiel decided against using them in the faltering arcade game market.  Instead he tasked the engineers with developing a 64 kilobyte home computer for show at the Winter…

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MiSTer Boot Menu

This MiSTer main menu is also a core that you place in the root directory of the MiSTer SD card. All available system cores will appear in this menu where you can launch them.

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You can access the MiSTer through the Samba network. This is a native protocol for Windows shares. MiSTer already has FTP and SSH services, but Samba has a special feature – Windows treats Samba shares as a local filesystem. For…

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Network Access

The DE10-Nano MiSTer system can be accessed through the on-board Ethernet port. The MiSTer system has FTP, SSH, SFTP services running. User name: rootPassword: 1 By default, DHCP is used to acquire IP address for the board. You can find…

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Input Devices

MiSTer supports many different USB input devices such as keyboards, joysticks, gamepads, and mice. A keyboard can emulate other input devices (so basically it is enough to control all cores). A wireless combo keyboard (keyboard with touchpad) and wireless game…

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How To Set Up The MiSTer

This is an essential guide for your first time setup of the MiSTer system. It will guide you through the SD-card installation, help you update the MiSTer system files and show you how to run a game on an example…